I design experiences that can create

a rainbow amongst the clouds.





Hi! I'm Jasmine, a Singaporean CX and UX designer curating experiences in the online-to-offline ecosystem using human-centric designs


I believe that the coexistence of a human-machine world still falls back onto humans for support and success.  Hence, good designs are essential to facilitate the interactions between humans vs. humans and machines.

I feel accomplished when I can bring joy to customers/users by providing simple solutions that are not as simple to design.  Care and thought have a big role to play towards the design's adoption and implementation.

My experiences in Retail, F&B, Building and Construction, and Banking have given me the opportunity to better understand the needs of customers from a business perspective.

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Think I'd be of help to you in problem-solving?  Need a curator to make your client's journey enjoyable?  Feel free to reach out to me!  



Otherwise, if you are interested in discussing the future of human-machine landscape, I'd love to have such deep conversations and do some knowledge sharing.


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Email: jasmineong.hc@gmail.com


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